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Shameless Love Mini-Course

In this 7-week live course with Kimberly, you will discover the thoughts and practices that keep you continually self sabotaging,

and kick them to the curb.

You will learn how to be a woman who:

Dreams big and shows up for her dreams

Accepts nothing less than the best from and for herself

Honors herself and sets healthy boundaries that keep her emotionally safe

Naturally dialogues with herself in a loving way

Playfully banters with the face in the mirror

Radiates confidence, peace and joy

Hello Splendid Lady,


I have a few questions for you!

  • Are you constantly setting goals, but never reaching them?

  • Do you speak unkindly to or about yourself?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding mirrors?

  • Do you feel undeserving of your greatest desires?

  • Do you allow others to treat you poorly?

  • Are you sad, angry or depressed more often than you are happy?

  • Do you sign up for courses and never open them, or start strong then fail to follow through?

  • Have you actually manifested that dream job or relationship, only to self sabotage and end up painfully disappointed?

If so, you are NOT alone.


mini course.jpg

Self Sabotage, my lovely friend, is your greatest indicator that you are struggling in the area of self-love, and this course will meet you where you are.


  • When we don’t fully love ourselves, we don’t feel worthy of our desires, and find it difficult to show up for ourselves in a way that will facilitate our dreams

  • When we don’t fully love ourselves, that is reflected back to us in the mirror, and painful to see

  • When we don’t fully love ourselves, we don’t set boundaries that keep us emotionally safe

  • When we don’t fully love ourselves, we subconsciously self sabotage


Are you ready to break the chains of self criticism, and that sinking feeling that you are not smart enough, talented enough, rich enough or pretty enough for the life you truly want?


Are you ready to feel happy and whole, and able to give your very best to yourself and others?


Are you ready to fall madly in love with the woman in the mirror?


YES! I knew you were READY!


Our love of self, or lack thereof, dictates how we walk through every area of our lives.

Self-Love is the foundation of achieving and sustaining all that we truly desire.

The realization of every dream we have, from fulfilling relationships to career and all of the gifts in between, are dependent on our ability to truly love ourselves.


This power packed self-study mini-course is a condensed, accelerated version of “Shameless Love”, a course I teach in private coaching.


The exercises in this course are simple, yet have proven to be incredibly powerful, transforming the way women view themselves.

There are seven days of exercises that build upon each other.

By day seven you are doing the MOST IMPORTANT exercises that I then ask you to continue for 30 days.


The best part? These exercises, though very powerful, only take a few minutes a day.


Why 30 days? Well, I happen to love a 30 day challenge!

Having completed many 30 day challenges, I find that amount of time relatively easy to commit to, yet very effective in a shift of mindset and behavioral changes.


This is a self-study course, so nobody is going to be standing over you, cracking a whip and holding you accountable, but I promise, that if you will hold yourself accountable, a transformation will take place, and you will view yourself quite differently.


Most find that these exercises are so life-giving, that they make them part of a permanent daily practice.


Are you ready for the fast track to radical, shameless self love?


Are you ready to be:

  • A woman who dreams big and shows up for her dreams?

  • A woman who naturally dialogues with herself in a loving way?

  • A woman who banters playfully with the face in the mirror?

  • A woman who knows her worth and accepts nothing less than her personal best?

  • A woman who honors herself and sets healthy boundaries?

  • A woman who radiates joy and peace?

  • A woman who walks through her days with her head confidently held high?


How, you ask, can you be this woman?


By learning to wholly, completely and SHAMELESSLY love YOU! This course will help you to reframe how you think about and speak to yourself. This course is the beginning of becoming the woman you desire to be.


I am so happy that you are HERE!


All My Love,


This Course Will Be Available Again in January 2024
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