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Meet Kimberly

Kimberly is a Certified Master Life Coach and Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher

Hello and Welcome,


I’m Kimberly Conrad, Certified Master Life Coach, and Founder of She splendid


Having worked with women for two decades, here’s what I know at 57…


Most women over 40, and many well into their 70’s desperately need a refresher in self-love.

They are often a bit bruised emotionally from marriage, relationships, childrearing, career, and caregiving.

Many have been putting others first for so long, they have forgotten who they are and what it looks like to love and care for themselves.


I have been there my friend. I’ve been married 35 plus years, raised four sons while running my own business, and have stepped into the role of caregiver multiple times.



Helping women to Step into Their Power; to imagine and create a Splendid 2nd Chapter is what lights me up, but first....they must

learn to love themselves!


This is my passion; what fills my heart with JOY!


My foundational focus is the Art of Self-Love.

First and foremost, I teach women how to fall SHAMELESSLY in love with themselves!

Once a woman realizes self-love, she is able to hear her inner voice, and step into her Higher Self.

Then we begin the exciting journey of creating that Splendid Second Chapter!


Splendid: magnificent, superb, excellent, wonderful, marvelous

A bit about me-

I am a wife of 35 years, mother to four grown sons, and “Grammy” to three beautiful souls. I reside in Denver, Colorado

with my husband, and four furry babies.

I'm a musician, published writer and artist, operating my own gallery in Denver, where I coach one on one,

and small groups.

I loves hats, travel, books, coffee and all things faux fur!


She Splendid was created out of my love for the Feminine and my joy in nurturing, mentoring and teaching women how to fully love themselves. It is to be a safe place for women to share, support, inspire and empower each other. A forum to integrate the feminine principal during this profound time of change and transformation.

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