Working With Kimberly Privately



Hello and Welcome,

I'm happy you are here and would love to share my coaching philosophy.


My foundational focus is the Art of Self-Love. First and foremost, I teach women how to fall SHAMELESSLY in love with themselves!

Helping women to Step into Their Power; to imagine and create a Splendid 2nd Chapter is what lights me up, but first....they must learn to love themselves!

Once a woman truly loves herself, she is able to see the possibilities, hear her inner voice, trust herself, and move into her most Splendid life.

Splendid: magnificent, superb, excellent, wonderful, marvelous

I find most women over 40, and many well into their 70’s desperately need a refresher in self-love. They are often a bit bruised emotionally from relationships, childrearing, career, caregiving, etc. Many have been putting others first for so long, they have forgotten who they are and what it looks like to love and care for themselves.

There are also those who have never loved themselves, and have no idea their lack of self-love has completely dictated their

choices, ushering them into a life they are not happy with.

I truly believe that achieving and maintaining everything we want in life lies on the other side of Self-Love, and the ability to implement the practices of Mastering Our Thoughts

I say practice, because actually Mastering our thoughts is a lifetime journey.

The ability to quickly catch ourselves when we get off track and use our skills to reframe and get back on track is an ART in and of itself.


This is my zone of genius, so to speak.

My course materials are a combination of my formal training, what I’ve learned in my years of coaching women, and the  treasure box of gems that completely TRANSFORMED MY LIFE.


If you are ready to Fall Totally In Love With Yourself, See What's Possible, Decide What You Want, Step Into Your Power, and Reinvent Yourself, you are in the right place and I would be honored to work with you.


Please reach out to to apply for, and or learn more about private coaching.