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Audio Inspiration

By now, most everyone understands the power of the spoken word.

Hearing positive words and phrases on a daily basis changes the way we think.

The way we think controls every aspect of our lives.

Pop in here as often as you'd like to hear powerful Words for Life.



Tune in to the She Splendid Podcast, where we chat about life, love, family career and all things woman, with special emphasis on the splendid second half. 

That’s right, your big bold second chapter!

Back Soon!



I love a good rampage, don't you?

I write and record positive rampages for myself on most every subject. I have recorded these just for you to listen to anytime you'd like. Maybe they will inspire you to create personal, customized rampages of your own!

Audio Affirmations

Positive statements that not only help overcome negative, self-sabotaging thoughts but also place new empowering thoughts in your mind.  Repeating positive affirmations creates significant shifts in your thinking which allows you to make wonderfully positive changes in your life. 

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