Saturday, June 15, 2019

Take a Breath - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

"You are worth finding.
 You are worth knowing.
 Worth Loving.
 You and all your one million layers."

I purchased these light pink peonies that are on my desk before I purchased the hot pink ones. The hot pink ones opened really quickly, but also are dying quickly. These light pink ones have opened unusually slow, showing off each layer for days before opening the next.

So I got to thinking last night as I was noticing this(because I often reference women to flowers)that we are always in such a hurry to get to the next level in personal growth, spirituality, relationships, business, fitness.....really in everything. What if we slowed down just a little bit, and basked for a time on each rung of whatever the current ladder is, and honored ourselves; enjoyed the sheer BEAUTY of the growth and accomplishment instead of immediately being obsessed with getting on to the next step?

 Part of loving yourself is allowing yourself the time to feel really, really good about where you are, and the better you feel where you are, the more ready you are to move forward. What do feel really good about right now?

 What have you not slowed down enough to acknowledge and feel good about? I invite you to take the time, and CELEBRATE! 

Have a super weekend Splendid Ladies!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Happiness-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you."

 -Mararishi Mahesh Yogi Small

 (with Ziggy, lover of all things)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Woman in Bloom-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

My peonies are opening, and with every layer that opens, they are even more beautiful! We women are like these lovely flowers, the more we open our hearts and minds to, the more beautiful we are, and the more wonderful life is! It’s such an exciting thing to watch a “woman in bloom”.

 It’s even more exciting to BE a “woman in bloom”!

Is there something you have been wanting to do, somewhere you have wanted to go, or someone you have been wanting to reach out to but have been hesitating out of fear? I’d like to challenge you to take action on just one of those things this week!! Fear keeps us from experiencing so many of life‘s greatest gifts!

I am changing my word for this year! Yep I know it’s only June, but the word I originally chose for this year no longer resonates with me, so my new word for the second half of 2019 is Fearless! Here is the action I am going to take this week..... I have met three women in the past five weeks that I think were divinely placed in my life. None of them know each other and all three walked into my gallery on a different day. Like me, they all work with women in some capacity. I think it would be so interesting to get all of us together and just see what happens! There are so many possibilities, from meet- ups to inspire each other, brainstorming sessions, to collaborating on projects, and friendship!

So this week I will reach out to each one of them and see if I can set up a group dinner in the near future🌸 What brave action will you take this week?🌸

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Change the World and Day 30 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

If you are changing the world for even one single are changing the world!:)

I did it! Yesterday was the last day of my 30 Day 10,000 Steps Challenge. Two of the 30 days I got under 10,000, but most days I got more so the total for the month was 362,620 steps, which averaged out to 12,087 steps a day. I have now created great habits, in that I usually walk morning and evening, and most importantly, I get up from my desk hourly. I plan to maintain the 10,000 a day minimum. Thanks for allowing me to be accountable to you here the past 30 days!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Manifesting Update - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Manifesting Update!

Ladies......on May 28th I shared some of my process around manifesting, and that my current short term goal was to manifest an extra $3200 ASAP, to cover eyes tests, new glasses and I wanted to buy an air conditioner for a dear ones car.

So.......on June 1st I received an unexpected royalty payment of 43.39, then this past Thursday I found a penny on the ground which always excites me.....Friday I found two pennies on the ground, and knew it was happening, Saturday I sold $3005 in art, and then came home to an unexpected $80.00 check in the am just $68.61 away from my current short term goal!

Soooooo fun! The photo below is of my $$ journal. When I am seeking to manifest $$, I do this fun little exercise almost everyday until the goal is reached. I write the amount of $$ desired in every way I can think of. Here I wrote- $3200, THIRTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, thirty two hundred dollars, ThIrTy TwO hUnDrEd DoLlArS, Three Thousand Two Hundred Dollars, three thousand two hundred dollars, THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, 3 thousand 2 hundred dollars, three thousand TWO hundred $.......etc.

You get my drift, it's just a fun little game that focuses my mind on the objective, but there is no anxiety around it. I'm not writing "I need $3200" which creates angst, I just make it a creative little game. The focus is on how many ways I can write it, and creating patterns. Sometimes I switch pen colors, but usually I just use green. Anyhow, it may seem nuts to some, but this is just one of my many exercises around manifesting $.

Being Still and Day 29 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

So True!

People often ask me how I handle balancing multiple businesses and other endeavors, family, grandbabies, etc. I do have my hands in many, many pots, but I always have, so it does not seem unusual to me. That being said, the older I get, the easer it is to get into overwhelm. I despise overwhelm. When I am in overwhelm, nothing is enjoyable, and normal problems can seem insurmountable. It is just such a yucky state to be in. I have been meditating for years, BUT I now find that I have to stop and go to a private space and get quiet for 15 minutes multiple times a day, these days. Once a day doesn't cut it.

Yesterday, for example, was a long computer day, but the dogs were being needy, and we have had company in and out (which is lovely, but the dogs go nuts every time someone comes or goes) and I just needed a change of scenery. So I packed up my writing materials, and headed to the parking lot of our local park, reclined my seat, closed my eyes, engaged in some blissful quiet time, then wrote in my car for over an hour. If I can turn my brain off ( which is what meditation does for me) for even 5-10 minutes, I get a total reset. If I did not get quiet like this multiple times a day, nobody would like me, including me!!

Yesterday was Day 29 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge. Did it, but it required some late night jogging. Yesterday was a big computer day, lots of sitting.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Change and Day 28 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Yesterday was Day 28 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge!! Got it done in spite of several hours of sitting!!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Calendar Rest and Day 27 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

If you are like me, if you don't calendar it, it likely won't happen.

Yesterday was Day 27 of my 10,0000 Steps challenge, I stepped it up just a bit more! I was up and down the gallery stairs quite a bit which helped a lot:)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

My Happy Place- She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad


I am at my gallery today (my Happy Place) I went a little crazy on the way here with the peonies at the market! I hope you Splendid Ladies are doing something fabulous today!

Creating and Day 26 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

What would that look like for you?

Day 26 of my 10,0000 Steps challenge, I stepped it up just a tiny bit:)

Friday, June 7, 2019

Feet on the Ground and Day 25 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Day 25 of the 10,0000 Steps Challenge- got them back up a little. Only FIVE more days. I will surely keep the 10,000 as my minimum now, but Im sure you guys at this point are tired of seeing these step posts🌺

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Busy Gal and Day 24 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

I ran across this and just had to share!:)

Yesterday- Day 24 of the 10,000 Steps Challenge. Big computer day - had to work hard to get just 10,000🌸 But I did👏❤️

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just Show Up and Day 23 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Is this true for you? I think it is for me. Whether it's exercise, time in the studio painting, cleaning the house, writing for the SheSplendid program, showing up and getting started is the hardest part. Once I get there I almost always do more than I had initially planned, because the momentum gets going. But.....the momentum can't get going if I don't show up!

Yesterday was  Day 23 of 10,000 Steps Challenge......stepped it up just a bit again, but need to do more.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

My Growth and Day 22 of Step Challenge - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

I find that there is something useful in every experience I have, even the uncomfortable experiences. Especially in the uncomfortable experiences. If my eyes are wide open to the present and I remain humble, no experience is wasted.

Day 22 of 10,000 Steps Challenge. Again, low numbers, but at least I got the minimum required. Gotta step it up though!:)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Triumph and Day 21 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Tellin' myself this EVERY day:)

Yesterday was Day 21 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge.......again just barely got it in. BUT.......goal is goal right?

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Honor your Goals and Day 20 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

This is so true. Every time you set a goal and see it through- you gain momentum, and the next goal is easier.

Yesterday was Day 20 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge, and again, I just made it! I have not been able to do much more the past few days.....I wore some new shoes for too long a few days ago and My Feet Hurt!:)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Stop Giving Up and Day 19 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Yesterday was Day 19 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge. I made it, but barely! It is 10:20 p.m. now, and so far I only have 5640 steps, so I'm going to hit the treadmill in just a few. I spent today at a conference, so LOTS of sitting!'

Friday, May 31, 2019

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Faith and Day 16 of Step Challenge - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Yesterday was Day 16 of my 10,000 steps challenge. I Did it! In just a bit I am heading to the mountains to transport art.I will be on the road in the car for about six -eight hours. We might not get home until after dark-it's always harder to get the steps in when in the house. I like the loop I do outdoors, because once I start, I have to finish to get back home. It's really easy to give up in the house!!:):) So far I have gotten 5300 steps in the house today.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Manifesting $$ - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Ladies, I had to show you this gorgeous suede journal I picked up today at Anthropologie. I am a powerful manifester, and I have different journals for manifesting different things. I have been using a black journal and green ink for journaling my financial goals, but I saw this today, and knew it was just perfect for words about $$! It is soft and luxurious, and the exact color of money:)

 I know some feel uncomfortable creating goals and setting intentions around money. I used to feel that way myself. I thought setting goals and writing intentions about money was greedy. Then I realized that money was an instrumental part of realizing the majority of my goals for myself, and what I wanted to do for others. Once I worked through that block, I became very powerful at manifesting it.

I am better at manifesting when I have a super clear goal. I have never shared about this publicly; only in private coaching. I am going to go out on a limb here ( trusting I won't jinx myself-haha) and share that as of today, I have set an intention to manifest $3,200 asap.

Sometimes I set a date, and it comes slightly after that date. I am not really sure what that is about, but I am not setting a date, just saying asap. I desire to purchase an air conditioner for the car of someone I love ( who is NOT a member here and will not see this post) and to pay the bill for some extensive eye tests I just had done, and multiple sets of new glasses I just ordered. This is the first goal I will be using my new $$ journal for:):)

When I set an intention to manifest something, my work includes prayer, meditation, and journaling around the objective.

Believe and Day 15 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Yesterday was Day 15 of my 10,000 Steps Challenge, made it!:)

Monday, May 27, 2019

Day 14 of Step Challenge - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Happy Monday! Hopefully you are getting some extra time with family on this holiday! We had ours on Saturday, today we are both working. Yesterday was Day 14 of my 10,000 step challenge. I made it! Extra projects at work this past week made it more of a challenge than the week before, but I am hanging in there!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Freedom and Day 13 of Step Challenge - She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

HAPPY SUNDAY Splendid Ladies! I promise to only do this to you on VERY special occasions....Yesterday was Ziggy's 2nd birthday!! I only got in 5400 steps, but it's okay, it was Ziggy's Day:) You Grammies know that these grands trump EVERYTHING!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Happy Saturday and Day 12 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!! Today is my Ziggy's second birthday.
How can that be? Photos later:) Yesterday was Day Twelve of my 10,000 steps challenge, and I made it YAY!! I am going to have to up my goal after this month, because 10,000 has become pretty easy:)

Friday, May 24, 2019

Celebrate Today and Day 11 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

It's Friday Ladies!! Every day there is something to celebrate. I am in the habit of looking back at my week on Fridays, and highlighting my favorite moments in my journal.

This week I signed a contract with a fitness wear company, and designed something very special for them (more on that later), and I reconnected with a very dear friend. What was the highlight of your week?

I made it! Yesterday was Day eleven of my 10,000 steps challenge. It was a long desk day and at 2:00 p.m. I had less than 400 steps. How did I do it? Well, I met a friend for dinner at the mall, wore my SNEAKERS and got there early.

I have seen those "mall walkers" and always chuckle a tiny bit, not because I think it's silly or anything, but because they always have such an intense look about them while the "shoppers" are relaxed. Well, last night I was one of them, and I didn't care what anyone thought, I just wanted to get my steps in!!:)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Intentional Thoughts and Day 10 of Step Challenge- She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

This is what I say every morning before my feet hit the ground!

Yesterday was Day Ten of my 10,000 steps challenge, and I got back on track! Yay! Today, however, I only have 369 steps so far at 1:47 p.m. It has been a brutal desk day:):)
We shall see......

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Your Best Friend and Day 9 of the Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Who's your BEST FRIEND? Yesterday was Day Nine of my 10,000 steps challenge, and the first day I did not reach my goal. It was a cold snowy day inside with the babies, and by the time they left I did not have the discipline to get the steps in. I went to bed disappointed that I did not show up for myself - I mean I was much more tired a few of the days last week when I far surpassed my goal. So I had to ask myself this morning why I did not follow through yesterday. True, it was cold and gloomy, true, I really was tired both physically and emotionally, but in all honesty, I know neither of those circumstances was to blame. The honest truth is, yesterday I was not feeling good about myself in a particular area of my personal life, and sometimes when I don't feel good about myself, I don't show up for myself.

Is that true for anyone else? The thing is, when we are feeling down on ourselves is when we MOST need to show up for ourselves, to be our own best friend, cheerleader, motivator. We cannot depend on others to be those things for us ( though it is wonderful to have such people in our lives). The Splendid Woman delights in being all of these things to herself, knowing that connecting with her dearest friend and fiercest supporter can require as little as a few minutes to quietly reconnect with her inner being and recenter.

And...a playful WINK in the mirror can go a long way as well! And, a dear friend would never judge you or make you feel bad. She would say "shake it off, tomorrow is a new day" So if you're going to be your own very best friend, follow her lead:)

Monday, May 20, 2019

Possibilities and Day 7 of Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

I love Mondays! I know most people do not. Even though every moment of every day is a new beginning, I especially love Mondays. The beginning of a brand new week full of possibilities both personally and professionally😃
There is so much hope on Mondays for the list of goals I have made for the week.
Then Thursday comes.......and I am way behind on the list, and feeling a little discouraged🙁 then Saturday comes and I feel like a total underachiever😔......but....then Monday comes around again, with a whole new helping of hope.😃 Can anyone relate??

YES!! Yesterday was Day Seven of my 10,0000 step challenge, and I made it. I also calculated the entire week from Monday through Sunday, and my grand total of steps was.......drum roll.......103,707 Steps! I am super proud of that, however, not off to a good start this week.

I have been at my desk on coaching calls all day, and so far am only at 3,097 steps, and it is 4:30, so we shall see:)