I'm so glad you asked!

Hello Beautiful Soul,

A little about the birth of She Splendid:

After many years of leading women in small group settings, I began coaching artists in the business of art marketing about ten years ago, under the name Life-Art-Business.

With most clients, it immediately became quite personal.

I found myself initially doing more life-coaching than business coaching. These beautiful, talented, incredibly smart people needed support in areas such as silencing their inner critic, overcoming false beliefs that kept them captive to fear based living, defining their vision and implementing practices for success; just to name a few. The women especially, seemed to need permission to value themselves enough to acknowledge their dreams and show up for themselves in a way to facilitate those dreams.


As time progressed, it became clear that I needed to separate my business coaching from my life coaching, and give my work with women it's own special place. After 20 plus of studying under amazing teachers, and leaders both live and virtually, I completed my formal training to Certified Master Life Coach and licensed Heal Your Life teacher/leader/facilitator.

I believe self-love, coupled with mindset is the foundation for achieving and sustaining all that we truly desire in life.
Fulfilling relationships, career, and all of the gifts in between, are dependent on our ability to truly love ourselves. 

She Splendid was created with you in mind, out of my love for the Feminine and my joy in nurturing, empowering and mentoring women.

It is to be a safe place for women to share, support, inspire and empower each other.

A forum to integrate the feminine principal during this profound time of change and transformation.

My course materials are a combination of my formal training, what I’ve learned in my years of coaching women, and the  treasure box of gems that completely TRANSFORMED MY LIFE.

I currently coach women from around the globe.

If you would like to learn more about working with me privately, please visit my Private Coaching page.


Love, Joy and Peace to You,