Meet Kimberly


Like most women, I wear many hats...

I am a Sister, a Daughter, and Wife of 34 years. I am the Mother of four grown sons, and the Grammy of three precious souls. I live in beautiful Colorado with my hubby and 5 furry babies. I love HATS, books, travel, coffee, and EVERYTHING winter, including snow, hot chocolate, faux fur everything, and winter fashion!

Most importantly, I am a WOMAN, just like you! I take great joy in all that is feminine, and working with women. I've always been fascinated by our relational nature, and inspired by our strength and tenacity!

I'm abundantly blessed to have a network of wonderful women in my life both personally and professionally.

I believe that my gifts lie in walking alongside my "sisters" on this earth, offering understanding, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and mentoring.


My current professional roles include certified master life coach, Licensed Heal Your Life teacher/leader, I'm also the founder and CEO of Where Art Lives online gallery for artists, an Art Business Coach and Artist. I work with women from around the globe via phone and Zoom and offer private coaching, Heal Your Life workshops as well as Art Therapy, Art Marketing and Painting workshops at my beautiful Denver art gallery.