About Kimberly

Like most women, I wear many hats.....

I am a Sister, a Daughter, a Wife of 32 years.
I am the Mother of four grown sons, and the Grammy of two beautiful baby boys.
And.......I have a sweet little granddaughter on the way.

Most importantly, I am a WOMAN, just like you! I take great joy in all that is feminine, and working with women. I've always been fascinated by our relational nature, and inspired by our strength and tenacity!
I'm abundantly blessed to have a network of wonderful women in my life both personally and professionally.

Don't get me wrong, I love men as well, how could I not? I did after all, live with FIVE of them for more than 18 years!! I believe, however, that my gifts lie in walking alongside my "sisters" on this earth, offering understanding, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and mentoring.

My current roles include Life/Empowerment Coach, Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop leader and teacher. Unrelated to this work, I am an artist, the founder and CEO of Where ART Lives online Gallery, and an Art Business Coach. I offer Heal Your Life group workshops, weekly study groups, one on one coaching for Women and Teen Girls.
Skype and phone sessions are also available, as I work with women from around the globe.

I am formally trained and licensed in the transformative modules of the Heal Your Life Philosophy created by Louise Hay. In addition, I've written many unique modules for She Splendid based on the work I have done with women over the past 20 years, as well as my own life experiences. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to study under multiple amazing transformative mindset coaches.

I truly believe that for the most part, we create our lives through our thoughts and beliefs, and that mindset is 90% of the formula for joy and despair.....success, and what we deem failure.

We are in the process of revamping the She Splendid website, so for now, this blog is our landing page for she splendid.com

If you would like to connect with me, or learn more about my current one on one coaching practice, you can reach me at 

Late summer I will be offering my brand new She Splendid
courses both in person and online. These courses have been years in the making, and I am so excited to be able to make them available online.
For now, I will share my musings with you, as I am also currently on a journey of renewal and empowerment, aren't we all......always?