Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Your Best Friend and Day 9 of the Step Challenge-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Who's your BEST FRIEND? Yesterday was Day Nine of my 10,000 steps challenge, and the first day I did not reach my goal. It was a cold snowy day inside with the babies, and by the time they left I did not have the discipline to get the steps in. I went to bed disappointed that I did not show up for myself - I mean I was much more tired a few of the days last week when I far surpassed my goal. So I had to ask myself this morning why I did not follow through yesterday. True, it was cold and gloomy, true, I really was tired both physically and emotionally, but in all honesty, I know neither of those circumstances was to blame. The honest truth is, yesterday I was not feeling good about myself in a particular area of my personal life, and sometimes when I don't feel good about myself, I don't show up for myself.

Is that true for anyone else? The thing is, when we are feeling down on ourselves is when we MOST need to show up for ourselves, to be our own best friend, cheerleader, motivator. We cannot depend on others to be those things for us ( though it is wonderful to have such people in our lives). The Splendid Woman delights in being all of these things to herself, knowing that connecting with her dearest friend and fiercest supporter can require as little as a few minutes to quietly reconnect with her inner being and recenter.

And...a playful WINK in the mirror can go a long way as well! And, a dear friend would never judge you or make you feel bad. She would say "shake it off, tomorrow is a new day" So if you're going to be your own very best friend, follow her lead:)

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