Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What is Extraordinary Anyway? She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

The truth is, nothing about life is ordinary.
Some of my favorite synonyms for extraordinary are:
amazing, miraculous, memorable, delightful

Just the fact that I am drawing breath today is amazing and miraculous!
I find the human body and all that went into our design a complete miracle.

The moment I open my eyes each morning I give thanks for having the privilege to live another day! Sometimes I am amazed that it continues to happen (this waking up to a new day thing) especially if I’ve gone to bed angry upset or discouraged about the previous day. 
I try not to go to bed with any of these emotions but sometimes well… just happens. 

Every minute of every day is forever carved in our memory.
One definition of memorable is "worth remembering". 
If I’m having more days that I’d rather forget as opposed to days that are meaningful and worth remembering, I know there is more work to do in some area of my life, and all work of this kind must begin with a shift in mindset. 

Lovely is a synonym for extraordinary and delightful is a synonym for lovely. 
The Splendid Woman knows how to take delight in the smallest of things, and seeks to make all things somehow, a celebration of life.

Because we tend to attract more of what we focus on, the more we acknowledge how extraordinary life is the more extraordinary it really does become!

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