Monday, May 13, 2019

Just Show Up-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

Hi Ladies. Okay, today I am starting my 30 day step challenge. Again, I do work out most days, BUT, I also sit very long hours at So..... I am going to challenge myself to the standard 10,000 steps minimum per day ( to begin with) in addition to my cardio workout. Would anyone like to join me? It can be whatever # of steps you want your goal to be, it does not have to match my goal. It would be fun to have an accountability partner!

 I have been practicing the past 5 days, to see how tough it will be, and it's been easier than I thought - just have to get up a bit earlier, and take more breaks from my desk. I will post a screenshot of my fitbit app, each morning from the previous day. These are my shots from the past 5 days:) Yesterday I got over 15,000 steps in addition to 30 Minutes on the Elliptical. A Mother's Day gift to myself!

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