Monday, April 22, 2019

Days 25, 26 of Self - Care, She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Day 25 of Self - Care (Saturday), I spent at my gallery working, but I took an hour ( twice) to sit in my special little nook.

 The first hour I curled up with a cappuccino and my favorite podcast, then later in the day, I curled up again with my journal, and of course, a cappuccino:) This girls has gotta have her coffee!

Yesterday, Day 26, we took the kids and the babies to Easter brunch, then I came home, changed into comfy clothes, then proceeded to fall fast asleep for almost two hours in my big leather chair when I sat down to meditate!

It was absolutely WONDERFUL!

When I was younger, I slept very little. I always felt like it was such a waste of time, and I felt I had too much to do to waste my time in bed. ( I also had 4 kids under 5 and a husband who was only home one week a month, which didn't really allow for a lot of sleep anyway).

But-when I hit my 50's I fell in love with sleeping!!!!
 I seriously LOVE to sleep now. Is that weird?

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