Thursday, April 25, 2019

Day 29 of Self Care, Memories of Beautiful Places-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

A painting trip-Florence, Italy with beautiful friends!

Market Day in Cortona, Italy

A Caribbean Cruise with my guy!

Beautiful England-Buckingham Palace

The Splendor of Paris with my BFF!

The Wonderful Crepe Lady at the Market in Provence!

Yesterday, Day 29, of Self-Care, I sat with my phone and revisited the trips I took  to Italy, the Caribbean, England and France in 2016-2017
This is one of my top practices on my feel-good go-to list!!
This is always so therapeutic for me, as I allow myself to be transported back to these beautiful places and experiences. I smell the aromas, remember the taste of the foods, the feel of the air, the sights, and remember the beautiful people I met along the way.

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