Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Open the Door to Quiet Time and Listen to Your Heart-with She Splendid Coach Kimberly Conrad

Open the Door to quiet time and listen to your heart. 

It was December 26th and the kids and grandkids had gone home after two days of joyful Christmas chaos. Ten People ( including two babies) and a total of NINE, yes I said nine dogs!

The kind of family chaos that leaves you in a state of blissful exhaustion both physically and emotionally. Come on admit it; you know exactly what I’m talking about!

 My plan for that day was to strip beds, wash linens and mop floors. What my heart and spirit needed, however, was time in the studio. So I left the beds and the floors for another day, spent some time in quiet then six straight hours painting with sappy Christmas Hallmark movies playing in the background. And guess what? I immediately began to feel not only inspired, but renewed! That’s how it typically works; when we tend to the heart and spirit first, renewal comes quickly. I think this must be true of everyone, but the creative‘s in my life seem to be much more in tune with this and order their lives accordingly. 

I wish for you that you OPEN THE DOOR to daily quiet time and allow your heart and spirit to tell you exactly what they are needing, and that as a result, you experience extreme abundance in health, relationships, creativity, finances..ALL areas of life!

All My Love,

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