Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Open The Door To One Tiny Action-She Splendid With Kimberly Conrad

I found this image on Pinterest, and followed it to can actually get a wall mural !!

I know most look at the first of the year as a new beginning, and many feel they must wait for a specific date that has some meaning to make a change, or begin something new. I have always believed that every moment of every day is completely available and appropriate for whatever change I want to make, and I live my life accordingly. We are not promised another hour, day, week or year. If it is on your heart to make a change, or to implement something new.....the best time is Right Now. I realize that there are some things that require specific timing, but right now you can make the choice, take some action steps and begin moving in that direction! 

Remember, baby steps are still steps, and all of those baby steps add up.
Baby steps also build our confidence and inspire us to continue on.
If  you can take even one tiny action, your heart and mind will come together and know "I am now on my way".

I wish for you that you OPEN THE DOOR to just one tiny action this step toward something your heart desires.

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