Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Beauty of the 5 Minute Reset, 30 Day Flower Challenge with Mindset Coach Kimberly Conrad

I made a trip to the fresh flower market yesterday, and they had no peonies, but Sprouts did..YAY!! The house is full of their lovely fragrance once again!!
It's probably good that we can only get them several weeks of the year here in Colorado, because they open and die so fast, I would be buying them every 4 days!

Fresh flowers make me happy, and I am really into HAPPY these days!
As a younger woman, I was quite a list maker and goal setter. I still am, but the difference now is that for every long term goal or big thing on my list, there are many short term goals and little things on my lists. This not only helps me to realize and celebrate real success as I cross off the small and short term goals, but I have found that it really is the little things done daily that bring about the greatest change.

I have also learned that I find great joy,  peace, and renewal in the beautiful little rituals I practice daily. These include not only the obvious things like prayer, meditation and moving my body, but timeouts or resets throughout the day. Timeout - for writing a page of gratitude, time out -for affirmations, timeout for a few minutes of motivational reading- timeout to close my eyes and listen to my favorite song, timeout for a cappuccino, cup of tea, or something cold, but always in a beautiful cup or glass, timeout to thumb through a beautiful book or magazine, timeout - to get outdoors-just 5 minutes of sunshine and fresh air works wonders!
If it sounds like I am "playing" my day away, I can assure you I am not. I have my work week down to a little over 40 hours now, most weeks,  after years of 50-60 hours. I am talking about 5 minute breaks for these little gifts to myself. These little blocks of time break up the monotony of the day. They help my brain to reset when I have been in front of the computer too long; allow my body and lungs a few minutes of rest if I have been painting for hours, and they allow me many short but lovely experiences each and every day.

One of my favorite 5 Minute resets-taking time to thumb through something full of lovely images!

I have to admit that I get off track sometimes, pushing through a deadline for hours or days at a time, but I always pay a dear price when I do. I have a dear friend who was kind and bold enough to speak out recently and helped me to get back on track again after one such bad spell.
I had even reverted back to checking my email on my phone in bed first thing in the morning to see how fast I needed to get to my desk.!! That was some major backsliding!!!
Interestingly, she had me add in 2 pages of free association writing FIRST thing every morning (after prayers of gratitude while still in bed) before checking email, before working out -before anything else. I have been a daily writer for many years now-words of gratitude, affirmations, and journaling, though I had let it slip from morning to often midday or evening. Just this one new practice of free association writing first thing has helped me remarkably.
(Thank you Sandra!!)

If you don't know what free association writing is, it's just writing things down as they come to your mind. You don't analyze your thoughts, or don't write about a particular subject.  
You simply put your thoughts on paper as fast as they race through your mind. I do 2 pages, as she suggested, and you do NOT go back and read what you wrote.  I don't know about you, but I wake up calm, yet within 5 minutes I have usually worked my mind into a frenzy thinking of all  that I need to do, worrying about something I said or did or did not say or did not do the day before.....I find this kind of writing seems to relieve that immediately and once done I am able to tackle the first task of the day with great focus. As a wife, Mommy, Grammy, business woman, artist and Life Coach, my tank gets drained quickly, just as I am sure yours does.
It needs to be refueled many times throughout the day, and 5 minute intervals seems to do the trick. 
I am finding that the older I get, the more quickly the tank gets drained. As a younger woman, I slept very little, rose early and worked late into the night or even the wee hours of the next day.
I did this even in my early forties but have found that in my 50's I just cannot do that anymore and stay emotionally healthy.
I don't need more than 6 or so hours of sleep, but I don't have the brain power to tackle business projects late at night, or the physical energy to stand and paint all night anymore. 
I'm not sure why that is, as I'm a healthy woman. Maybe it's because our bodies know that if they allow it, if they allow us to keep that pace indefinitely, we will not slow down and care for ourselves emotionally and spiritually in the way that we need, and our bodies need us to be healthy emotionally and spiritually. And we might not slow down long enough to see the beauty in the little things and the little moments.
I have decided I am okay with that, because I often missed the beauty of the "little moments" 
as a young woman always moving at a frenzied pace. I have found that I love those beautiful little moments, and I am a much happier, yet still very productive woman because of them.
If you don't already, I'd like to challenge you to choose at least 3 or 4 five minute timeouts of your own throughout the day. I'll bet you find them to be very rewarding:)

Day # 2 of 30 Flower Photos in 30 Days

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