Monday, June 4, 2018

Inspire, Empower Women, 30 Days of Great Reads with Mindset Coach Kimberly Conrad

Happy Monday Ladies!:) I got behind on posting here! I'm so sorry.
I have a house guest and we travelled over the weekend to take an art workshop!
I managed to get the books on facebook each day, but not here! 

Here they are...."Summers in France" by Kathryn M. Ireland. 
Another fabulous book about lifestyle, surrounding yourself with beauty, and inspired living no mater where you are, or what your finances. LOVE this book!! 
Day #27 of 30 Great Reads in 30 Days

Day # 28 of 30 Great Reads in 30 Days "The Power is Within You" by Louise Hay
I have been a student of Louise Hay since the mid eighties!
Her work and philosophy really changed my life.
I am a licensed Heal Your Life Teacher, and use her teachings and philosophies in my coaching practice with women. Mindset is KEY, and her work taught me how to alter my mindset for JOY and SUCCESS!

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