Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What I learned in the 30 Day Cup Challenge, Inspire, with Life Coach Kimberly Conrad

YAY I did it!! I Completed the 30 Cups in 30 Days Challenge.

 Below was my cup for yesterday, Day #30!

What was productive about the 30 cups in 30 days challenge?

First..... In case you missed it, this is how the challenge began:

It is always a good idea to shake things up, break up the monotony, have a new experience!!
Many of the women I work with are tired, creatively drained, and or just plain bored.
Most are also very, very busy, and when we talk of new ventures and finding ways to introduce new experiences, they cringe, because it's yet another thing to have to think about, another thing to have to "make happen".

I met with one such lovely woman recently, and suggested the idea of doing something new everyday for 30 days. She groaned!
I said it could be something very small, such as reading a new blog, or listening to new music, etc.

She was overwhelmed, and said she did not have the energy to be even that creative right now. Because I know she has coffee every single morning, I suggested she start with having her coffee in a different mug/cup each day. That, she said she can do, though it seemed a bit silly.

So I said I would do it along with her! So as silly as it may seem, just to keep myself accountable, I will share my daily cup here!!:)

I'm really glad I took up the challenge, and below are some things I became aware of as a result of it:

1.The first thing this challenge did was cause me to take a longer midday break.
I sit with a cappuccino every day about midday. Sometimes I will have one in the morning as well, but the midday break, has become a disciplined practice for me. I find it very helpful to take a few minutes to step away from my desk, and give my brain a little break in the afternoon, as my work days are usually fairly long. I try to always take at least 25 minutes but sometimes I take an hour. During the shorter breaks I might listen to soothing music and flip through a magazine, or read something inspirational, or listen to some type of podcasts that feeds my spirit.
During the longer breaks I will often meditate for a portion of the time. During the challenge my breaks tended to be a bit longer, 45 min to an hour. Not just because of the added time it took to choose a cup and photograph it, but because the whole process made the time seem more special and I wanted to savor it.

2. I was reacquainted with the joy in the awareness of noticing the beauty around me. I keep fresh flowers in the house at all times and have filled it with beautiful things that I love, but when you see things every day you tend to take them for granted and stop really noticing them.
The  attention to, and pleasure in choosing a beautiful cup each day actually heightened my awareness of all the other beautiful things around me and in turn heightened my sense of gratitude. Even when I went out I was more aware of the beautiful new blossoms on the trees and the shapes of the big fluffy clouds in the sky.

3. As I noticed all of the lovely things around me, I found myself recalling the memories around those things, which brought even more feelings of gratitude.

4. Because I made a promise to do this challenge along with a client, in support of her, and because I shared my challenge publicly and committed to sharing my cup on social media each day to hold myself accountable.... I followed through. Let me repeat that, Because I made a Promise to a client, and committed to holding myself publicly accountable I followed through.

5. Number four is important because it made me think about the commitments and promises I make to myself that I do not follow through on.

Is it because my promises to myself are private and not public so no one will know if I don’t follow through? You know, that whole accountability factor?

Is it because I need to step up my game regarding time management? 

Is it because I do not value myself as much as I value my clients?

Do I not value myself enough to carve out the time necessary to keep these promises?

Those last 2 questions are a bit scary since my coaching practice and my entire mission in general is to empower women to live extraordinary lives, by learning to truly love, respect, honor and care for themselves. My formal training is based on transformation through shifting mindset.
I teach women to do all of the above by introducing them to truths and exercises that help them to shift their mindset. So I guess I’m kind of going out on a limb here in sharing #5 with you!!

The truth is though, I pretty much live out on the limb. My friends as well as my clients will tell you I “keep it it real”. In the coaching community, there is a saying “we teach what we need to learn”!

That may seem a little backwards to some, but it’s been my experience that the most influential coaches are the ones who refuse to wear a mask.The coaches who have deeply touched my life are the ones that have humbly and truthfully shared their own experiences and struggles. I know that they know first hand that the struggle is real! So I’m going to be revisiting some of those promises I’ve made to myself. I am determined to get to the root of my lack of follow through. It could be as simple as making more promises to myself than there is feasibly time for, but my guess is that is a bit of a cop out and I will discover something that needs my attention! You can be sure when I figure it out I will share!:)

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