Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Inspire, Beatrice Wood-30 Days of Great Reads with Mindset Coach Kimberly Conrad

Beatrice Wood was an American artist and studio potter involved in the Avant Garde movement in the United States; she founded The Blind Man magazine in New York City with French artist Marcel Duchamp and writer Henri-Pierre Roché in 1917. She lived to be 105, and had her first International exhibit at 100 years old.

 She died peacefully at 105. I have everything written about her, and by her, including her autobiography "I Shock Myself". She was a trailblazer...such an amazing woman.
If I could spend a day with a deceased person ( other than a family member) it would be Beatrice!!

Some of my favorite photos of Beatrice.

There are many videos about her on youtube....Click HERE to view one.

Today's Book is her autobiography "I Shock Myself" 

Day #9 of 30 Great Reads in 30 Days

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