Monday, April 2, 2018

Thirty Cups in Thirty Days, Day #1.....A Little She-Splendid Challenge with Kimberly Conrad

It is always a good idea to shake things up, break up the monotony, have a new experience!!
Many of the women I work with are tired, creatively drained, and or just plain bored.
Most are also very, very busy, and when we talk of new ventures and finding ways to introduce new experiences, they cringe, because it's yet another thing to have to think about, another thing to have to "make happen"

I met with one such lovely woman recently, and suggested the idea of doing something new everyday for 30 days. She groaned!
I said it could be something very small, such as reading a new blog, or listening to new music, etc.

She was overwhelmed, and said she did not have the energy to be even that creative right now. Because I know she has coffee every single morning, I suggested she start with having her coffee in a different mug/cup each day. That, she said she can do, though it seemed a bit silly.

So I said I would do it along with her! So as silly as it may seem, just to keep myself accountable, I will share my daily cup here!!:)
Maybe it will be good for me too.
We never know what seemingly small experience will spark something new in us!!

So here is today's cup!! Day #1
A China cup that belonged to my Hubby's grandmother.

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