Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Smile, Inspire, 30 Cups 30 Days Challenge with Kimberly Conrad

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

Today is supposed to be my day with Ziggy, my eleven month old grandson. I usually have him on Tuesdays, but one of my darling furry babies, Mr. Baxter has somehow hurt his shoulder, and is in a bad way. We visited the doggie ER Monday night, and they gave pains meds that would keep him fairly sedated, so that he can stay as inactive as possible. I spent Tuesday hunkered down with him ( and my other furry babies). We curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace, played our favorite music (French, Italian, and Spanish Guitar), and I worked on modules for one of the She Splendid courses that will soon be released. Oh, and did I mention, it was snowing AGAIN? That is Spring in Colorado! One day it's 67 degrees and the next it's cold and snowing:)


Back to the VET today, and it is his cervical spine....the discs bulging, pinching the nerves, thus the issues with the right front leg. My little darling is in quite a bit of pain.

I have to keep him sedated enough to basically be on bedrest, totally quiet, no jumping running, no stairs, very little walking... for two weeks...hoping it will heal,'s surgery. Having had two cervical spine surgeries myself, I cannot image putting my sweet little thing through that. He is only 7.

So....I did not have Ziggy today, and I will be working from home for the next 2 weeks keeping Baxter in a bed at my feet. I guess that means I will get a lot of writing done, though probably not a lot of painting! Please say a prayer for my sweet furry soulmate!

Poor Mr Baxter

Blossom, Babsy and Boomer know not what to do with their ringleader down!

Bella is a loner, but did join us on the couch for a short time.
She's the black Cocker at the far end!

In keeping with the 30 Cups in 30 Days Challenge, below is my lovely little cup for yesterday.
It's a famous set I'm sure most of you are familiar with, Royal Doulton China, Old Country Roses is the pattern.

I paired my cup with this lovely little impressionist painting of Napoleon III's apartment in Paris painted by artist Judith Elder. I love collecting these small paintings of interiors.

Hey, maybe that could be another series to share!:)

Day #23

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