Friday, April 13, 2018

JOY - Inspire, and 30 Cups in 30 Days Challenge with Kimberly Conrad

Happy Friday Ladies!! 

I hope you have wonderful weekend plans!
Mine are to catch up on a little bit of work, then engage in some extreme self-care!!

Saturday I have admin work to do, including editing some of the modules for the She Splendid "Woman - Step Into Your Power!" workshops!

I usually work all weekend since I take Tuesdays off, but I am determined to start taking Sundays off again as well. I'd love to paint on Sunday afternoon, (which still counts as work, since I make a living that way)  it's the one part of my job that never feels like work!!

I'm planning a bubble bath and some frivolous reading time!
( To me this means, a fun book, or magazine, or something inspirational, but NOTHING having anything to do with business, or even self-improvement.....just pure pleasure)

In keeping with the 30 Cups in 30 Days Challenge, here is my cup for today.
This china is from England. It is Queen Anne, and the pattern is Lady Margaret.
I picked it up in an antique store many years ago, it had no saucer, but I love it!!

Day #12

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