Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gratitude and Joy, Inspire, 30 Cups 30 Days Challenge with Kimberly Conrad

At times, both Joy and gratitude are a conscious choice, rather than a natural state of being.
I really long to be the kind of woman in which those attributes are always present and ruling, yet I still get sucked in sometimes by life's little bumps.

With my little dog being injured, and requiring constant care, very little sleep for the past three days, on top of looming deadlines at work, preparing for houseguests, and upcoming social commitments.....I confess, this morning I am the opposite of joyful. I am overwhelmed and exhausted, and frankly....mean.

Here's the day so far...

 I began the morning yelling at the other dogs, because they didn't do their 
"Job" when they went out ( because they are frankly a little out of sorts with their buddy being hurt, and they feel my stress) so now they want to go back out, which requires someone carrying the injured one back down the stairs....I can't carry him down....because I'm still not fully recovered from my shoulder surgery and have very little strength, so I have to get hubby  to do it.....who worked the night shift, and JUST went bed......and while he's KINDLY without  complaint dragging himself down the stairs with the dog, I am yelling and complaining about how tired I am!!!
I'm so annoyed at myself for complaining and being mean.....and that annoyance makes me feel even more nasty. Why am I sharing this? Because it's real life, and real life is going to be happening all around us on our journey to a life of ease, peace and self love.

The truth is...

We get MORE of what we give our attention to. So it's clearly time for me to consciously shift my focus, and I know how to do that now, though I didn't always.
There was a time when I would be so angry at myself for this current frame of mind, for losing my  temper and my peace that it would send me spiraling down into this pit of ugliness and self loathing that would take days or even weeks to climb out of.

Now I know better. When the negative momentum has got you by the throat, you've got to consciously shift your focus to something that feels better. Anything that feels better, and begin working your way back into a neutral if not positive vibration.

So I'd like to share a little exercise with I work through these bumps.
This was my early morning dialogue:

Why is my darling little dog injured? I can't stand to see him hurt.
The other dogs are driving me nuts.
I'm such a B----
Why is this happening now? I don't have time for this, I have deadlines.
This is terrible timing....
I'm so stinking tired, I hate being sleep deprived, I am too old for this. 
I need my rest. I'm probably going to get sick now, and we have some big events coming up.
I'll probably be sick by the time our house guests arrive.
How am I going to get the house ready.
It's seems it's always two steps forward and threes steps back. 
Why can't I ever get ahead?
Life stinks.

You see, once you get the negative momentum going, it's easy to just keep it rolling, and make it even bigger!!There's no telling how long the list would be by the end of the day.

The wonderful thing can shift the momentum in just the same way.
I have gotten pretty good at this exercise, and now my time in the downward spiral is usually very short. Below is my NEW story for this morning:

I started with apologizing to my hubby and my furry friends for my bad attitude, then moved right into this conversation with myself.

I forgive myself for temporarily stepping out of my peace and exhibiting unfavorable behavior.
(isn't this kinder than even something like, "I forgive myself for being such a B----")
How we talk to ourselves is so very critical in the journey of self love and acceptance.

I am doing the very best I can.
I am so thankful for my darling little dog.
He is such a dear friend and companion.
All will be well with Baxter, he just needs time to heal.
It is my honor to help him heal.
I am so blessed to have ALL of these furry friends in my life. They bring me such joy.
It is so sweet how much they love each other, and how in tune they are to each other and to me.
I am so thankful that I have the ability to work from home; to be here to care for Mr Baxter.
I'm so blessed that I have the flexibility to alter my work hours.
I can take a nap and rest when he does.
All is well in my body. It is strong and healthy.
My body is resilient, and knows how to adapt .
I am fully equipped for all that is going on in my life.
Everything that needs to be done, will get done in perfect timing, I need not worry.
Things are ALWAYS working out for me.
God Loves Me,  Life Loves me, I Love Me
Life is good. I am good. All is well.

This may seem silly to some, but learning to implement this exercise and others like it, was life-altering for me, and proves to be for my clients as well. I believe mindset is 90% of the battle!

In keeping with the 30 Cups in 30 Days Challenge, below is my lovely little cup for yesterday. 

This lovely little footed cup is very, very old. I purchased it in an antique store in Kansas about 20 years ago. It had no saucer, but I could not resist it. There are no legible markings on the bottom.

Day #24

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