Saturday, April 7, 2018

Conquering Fear, and Day #6 of 30 Cups in 30 Days with Kimberly Conrad

Happy Saturday!

I am so HAPPY to be sitting at my desk in my gallery today as I write this. I'm trying to get here three days during the week and then I'm usually open all day on Saturdays, but this past week held extra commitments at home, so I worked all week from my home office.

 I am blessed to operate my own beautiful Art Gallery in Denver, Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Art Gallery.I have operated from this space for over four years now, and it really is my special place.

I paint here, I write here, I meet with interior designers and art collectors here, as well as host workshops and one on one coaching. I have a beautiful view of the city buildings, including the tallest building in Denver where, incidentally, one of my sons' works. I am surrounded by several restaurants, with new ones currently being built, and there are also new high rise apartments and condos being built around me.

This district has really evolved since I first moved in. Just another example of the fact that nothing stays the same. Everything is always evolving. We are always evolving!


Five years ago, I was so intimidated by the city, and the two highways I have to travel to get to the city. I rarely did anything out of my safe zone of suburbia, and if I did, you can bet I was the passenger, not the driver. Driving itself did not scare me so much; it was more that I am a bit geographically challenged and I have a fear of getting lost. There are so many one way streets in Denver, and I know ONE way to get to many of the places I go, and if that one way happens to be closed for any reason...YIKES!

I share this because when I stumbled upon this Gallery space to rent, it was totally life changing!!
If you had told me even a week prior to my renting this space that I would in fact, be renting gallery space in Denver and commuting, I would have said you were nuts. But, as Divine leading and timing would have it, I fell instantly in love with this space. It spoke to me on more levels than I even understood at the time, and I immediately rented it. It's in a beautiful old boarding house built in 1906. I have a kitchen, a closet, a pantry, and a sitting area in addition to a beautiful space to hang my art, all in a room of my own with a locking door.( and a bathroom down the hall) I have the exact same setup across the hall, an identical room that I use as a studio. My husband has said to me more than once "gee, you could live here" And it's true. It's like a lovely studio apartment. I have slept here many a night after painting into the wee hours.

On the drive home that day, though elated, I remember saying to my husband, "I am so excited, but....what have I done?? I don't even drive on the highway. HOW WILL I EVEN GET THERE??"
I still remember the first time I drove here by myself. It was late November, and it was snowing.
Did I mention, I had also always been terrified of driving in the snow? I only did it when forced to. Have you ever wanted something so badly, and felt something was so right for you, that a lifetime of fears just instantly dissipated? Well that is what happened to me. I drove back and forth in the snow that whole winter, nearly every day because I was so excited to be here, and nothing was going to keep me away!! Being in this space has opened up opportunities for me both personally and professionally that I didn't even know were on my radar!

I conquered a lifetime of fears in one drive, because I knew that to move forward into this beautiful new phase, it was time to STEP INTO MY POWER!!!

My fears may seem silly to you, but I know you can relate, because I know you have fears of your own. We all do.
My question is, what DREAMS are your fears keeping you from fulfilling?

Is it time for you to Step Into Your Power?

Love, Joy, and Peace to You,

In keeping with the 30 Day Cup Challenge, below is my cup for Day #6

If you don't know what the 30 Day Cup Challenge is, you can read about it HERE.

This little cup is part of a tea set I bought to have here at the gallery.
I am having tea today because my coffee maker here is broken.

I think it's time to invest in a new Nespresso Machine!!

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